Welcome to the future home of

Hosted on Windows 2008 Server

To access your account control panel, please visit: https://cp.aplus.net

and login using the username and password that you selected when ordering your account.

For technical support information, please visit http://www.aplus.net/support/support.html

Basic Starting Instructions:

Place your HTML pages and images into the /wwwroot directory.

Place your Database Files (Included Microsoft Access) into the /db directory.

Note: This directory contains write access.  This allows your web pages, the permission to access and change the files.

CGI Scripts can be placed anywhere within your /wwwroot directory.

Initial Site Testing:

If you have an eCommerce plan, you can view your site browsing to your assigned IP address while you wait for your domain to resolve.

All other accounts, you can view your site via http:// .

Useful Information:

Web Absolute Path: d:\inetpub\virtual\username\wwwroot
FTP Absolute Path: d:\inetpub\virtual\username
Name Servers: NS1.ABAC.COM ( - NS2.ABAC.COM (
Mail Server: mail.yourdomain.com

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